Convert Military Time To Standard And Vice Verse

There are 3 basic methods to convert military time, or some may say 24 hour time to the 12 hour time format. You can use our easy military time converter below, simply enter a 24 hour time and the converter automatically calculates the 12 hour equivalent. For example, enter 18:30 hours into “Military Time” and the calculator will render 6:30 pm as the 12 hour format, or 10:45 am will produce 10:45 hours. We also provide a 12 to 24 hour conversion chart. This chart allows you to find the time by the ½ hour and convert it to military or the 12 hour format, Lastly you can do the conversion yourself, there is really no math involved so it’s pretty easy. A fun fact -the 24 hour time format is used by most of the world, the 12 hour time format is used primarily by English speaking countries such as the U.S.  This how to and calculator are provided free of charge by OnTheClock, when you are ready to start tracking employee time, please check out our time clock software.

Method 1 - Use This Military(24 hour) to Standard(12 hours) Converter

Simply enter the time format(12 hour or 24 hour) you want to convert into the appropriate box and the equivalent will auto calculate for you.

Military / 24 Hour Time Calculator

Military Time
(e.g. 18:30)
12 Hour Time
(e.g. 6:30 pm)
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Method 2 - Use This Chart To Convert 24 Hour Time

Use this chart to lookup the military or 12 hour time and find the corresponding equivalent.

12-hour am-pm clock 24-hour military time
12:00 midnight 00:00
1:00 am 01:00
2:00 am 02:00
3:00 am 03:00
4:00 am 04:00
5:00 am 05:00
6:00 am 06:00
7:00 am 07:00
8:00 am 08:00
9:00 am 09:00
10:00 am 10:00
11:00 am 11:00
12:00 pm 12:00
1:00 pm 13:00
2:00 pm 14:00
3:00 pm 15:00
4:00 pm 16:00
5:00 pm 17:00
6:00 pm 18:00
7:00 pm 19:00
8:00 pm 20:00
9:00 pm 21:00
10:00 pm 22:00
11:00 pm 23:00
12:00 midnight 24:00

Method 3 - Convert Time Manually

If you are a diehard math junkie, or just learning the intricacies of converting times, you have found the right place. Here we discuss the methods of manually converting military(24 hour time) to standard(14 hour time).

To convert military(24 hour) time to 12 hour…

For a military time that is larger than 12:00, just subtract 12 hours to get the 24 hour(standard time), then add “pm”. For example, if you have 14:30 hours, subtract 12 hours and the result is 2:30 pm.

If the military time is less than or equal to 12:00, simply add “am”. For example, say you have 10:15 hours, add the “am” to the end, here we get 10:15 am.


24 hour time converter  


To convert standard 12 hour format to military time

If the standard time in in the am(before 12:00 pm, noon), simply remove the “am”. If the hours portion is a single digit, in our example it is a single digit “9”, we will add a “0” before the “9” resulting in “09”. This is because the 24 hour military format must always have 2 digits for both the hours and minutes sections. For instance, 2:15 am becomes 02:15 hours.

If the 12 hour time is in the pm, we will add 12 hours and remove the “pm”. For example - 2:30 pm, here we add 12 hours to the hours section(2 + 12 = 14) and we get the military time of 14:30 hours.


12 Hour(Standard) To 24 Hour(Military) Time Conversion