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All the things you need to track employee time quickly and accurately.

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Time clock messaging feature

Messaging feature New!

Quickly and efficiently communicate with your team through your time clock account. Time clock messaging is user-friendly and designed to improve your business communications from top to bottom.

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Image depicting how a time clock works Biometric Time Clock Online Time clock with GPS tracking

Time Clock For Your Employees

OnTheClock offers a time clock that keeps employees happy, yet accountable at the same time.

Your employees can easily clock in and clock out from an authorized device that is assigned by the Administrator. Employees have a variety of ways to conveniently clock in and clock out by the use of the mobile clock app, web browser, biometric/fingerprint, kiosk and Group Punch. OnTheClock also offers employee tracking features such as geofencing and GPS for location control that will show where clock in and clock out times were recorded. Employees also have the ability to log into their time clock account to check the status of their paid time off (PTO) requests along with their work schedules. Learn more about how a time clock can help your employees here!

GPS Tracking And Know Who’s In

Our time clock GPS features make it easy to manage employees and increases accountability. Whether your team is working in the office, on the road or from home, you can conveniently see who’s on the clock and access their location.

The Who’s In feature allows employers the option to see who is punched in or out in live-time. Admins and Managers of the time clock account can punch in and out an employee if he or she has forgotten to do so. Do you know who’s on the clock?

GPS time sheet map with employee activity Time sheet showing in and out times
Auto time, overtime and time off (PTO) Report showing tips, bonuses and gross payroll Options for printing and exporting time data

Payroll And Project Reporting

Our web-based time clock automatically calculates time cards for you. This includes regular and overtime hours worked, paid time off hours, and more. Save time and start calculating timecards automatically - your timesheet reports reflect your payroll expenses.

OnTheClock offers many reporting formats for payroll such as Excel and CSV export, PDF, or print a paper copy. Our time clock system integrates with a variety of payroll providers including QuickBooks, Xero, ADP, Thomson Reuters, and more. See the full list of payroll providers who integrate with our time cards here.

Invoicing and billing exports are also fully supported so your company can get paid for billable hours. These reports can be grouped and sorted by customers, job projects and tasks. Learn more about our Job and Project Costing feature.

time card with Jacobs name gps map with employee clock in and clock out screen shot of a phone app with a time clock

Mobile & Online Time Clock

Whether you are on the go or in the office, you will be able to conveniently access your time clock system. Learn more!

Our time clock software is 100% online and web-based which allows accessibility from any device with an internet or data connection. You will be able to log in from work or home by the use of your phone, desktop, laptop or tablet in order to process payroll, access time cards, manage employees, and much more. Since our time clock is cloud-based, you do not have to worry about messy software downloads, installs or updates. Your account is automatically backed up constantly throughout the day for convenience.

Tools For Your Business

OnTheClock has all the tools you need to track and schedule employee time. All for the price of $3.00 per employee per month. No setup or cancellation fees and the first 30 days are free. Learn more!

worked hours report showing totalsOnTheClock Scheduling Tools

Latest FeaturesNew!

Employee Scheduling

A robust time clock schedule to accurately represent when employees are working. Enjoy advanced features such as scheduling by job, customer, project, task, and department. Swiftly drag and drop employee shifts and publish your team’s schedule within seconds. Employees are notified when their schedule is ready for viewing.

Company Messaging

Quickly and efficiently communicate with your team through your time clock account. Simply create a new conversation within the messaging feature and select the participants that you want to join. Time clock messaging is user-friendly and designed to improve your business communications from top to bottom.

Employee Survey
Survey Feature

Our employee survey is a tool used to measure productivity, streamline company goals, and ensure employee safety and well-being. Create a survey to ensure employees have the proper equipment to complete their job, check if they received their work schedule, or ask if they have completed the annual safety test.

Schedule reports and alerts
Automatic Reports

Schedule reports and alerts. Once you add a new report, you will have options to choose from a variety of reports you want to receive with specific days or a pay period, along with the time including: time cards report based on your pay periods, weekly time summary for hours broken down into a weekly report, and a Who’s In snapshot report of who’s currently clocked in or out.

Employee Check-In
Employee Check-In

This allows employees the option to check-in and basically say “Hey, I’m here” instead of actually punching in or out. It can also be paired with Departments, Job Selection, Customers, Tasks and Projects. Commonly used for salaried employees who do not need to punch in or out, and employees who work after midnight to check-in by alerting management they are still on the clock.

All Features

  • Employees can punch from any computer or smart phone - You can limit locations with location rules
  • We have the best features at the best price - our 10,000+ customers can attest to this
  • Automatic gross payroll calculation
  • PTO time accrual- Personal, Vacation, Sick & Holiday
  • Track holidays, sick days, vacations etc.
  • Job Costing - Employees log time to jobs, breakdown jobs on timecards
  • Payroll Service - You can optionally signup for Payroll Connect to handle your payroll
  • Employees can punch in/out from assigned locations
  • Time Rules- e.g. do not allow punching before a certain time
  • Group Punch Station allows very quick clocking for multiple employees using a single computer - just like a wall mounted clock
  • Warn or lockdown where employees can login from to one or multiple locations
  • No training involved & highly customizable
  • Administrator, manager & employee user levels
  • Unlimited managers & employees
  • Employees can change between jobs and departments
  • Unlimited time entries per day
  • Low Cost - Plans starting at $9.00/mo for 3 employees
  • Automatic overtime calculation, including California
  • Export data to Excel CSV file or PDF
  • No hardware required - No initial investment
  • 100% internet based security
  • Setup punch rounding with 15 min, 6 min or no punch rounding
  • Automatic break deduction - optional
  • Unlimited user defined departments and jobs
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly & semi-monthly pay periods
  • Employees can punch after and through midnight SSL 256 Bit Site Security
  • No contract - cancel anytime
  • GPS Employee Punch Location Tracking
  • Free automatic lifetime upgrades - No licensing fees - You will never pay for support or upgrades
On The Clock - Security


  • 256 Bit SSL encryption
  • All sensitive information encrypted at database level
  • Biometric lock on web and database servers
  • Data is automatically backed up nightly
On The Clock - Reliability


  • Built on Microsoft's ASP.NET development platform
  • SQL Server database
  • Hosted with OrcsWeb in a world class data center
  • We have demonstrated 99.999% uptime, that's less than 5 minutes of downtime per year!
  • Our service is constantly monitored for issues or failures by a third party monitoring service - siteuptime.com
On The Clock - Reporting & Exporting

Reporting / Exporting

  • View or print all screen data
  • Custom PDF reports
  • Custom Excel/Database/HR exports
  • Email both PDF and Excel exports

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