Time Clock With Fingerprint Reader

Biometric fingerprint
for your
web time clock

OnTheClock offers an easy, safe and trusted time clock with fingerprint and biometric capabilities for your employees to quickly clock in and out. Time clocks with fingerprint reading technology allows businesses to take their employee punching to a new level while preventing time theft, improving attendance and tracking hours worked.

Biometric fingerprint punching for your web time clock
Easy to use features, world class support

We have been using OnTheClock for more than three years without issue. Our employees sign in with their fingerprints and have been using it without pain or drama. Its easy to use and very reliable. Try it; You'll like it!

- Mike Danger
All industries can use our fingerprint reader

Great for all industries

Whether you’re in the medical field, construction industry, or an insurance agent, tracking employee hours worked with biometric and fingerprint technology is a great way to accurately collect real-time employee data for all businesses.

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Easily set up a device for
employees to punch

Our time clock with fingerprint reading is compatible with any Windows laptops, desktops and tablets. Simply connect your fingerprint reading device with OnTheClock in just a few minutes and employees will then be able to securely clock in and out.

Get Started
Easily set up a device for employees to punch

How much does a fingerprint reader cost?

Biometric and fingerprint readers can vary in pricing depending on the actual unit.
Our goal is to provide you with the best time tracking resources for your small business to grow at a cost-effective price.

Fingerprint/Biometric reader pricing

A Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint reader is required to use our Finger Punch feature. These readers are available for sale from various online vendors. The cost is generally less than $100 per reader.

We recommend Fulcrum Biometrics if you would like to buy new. Some of our users have also purchased from eBay and Amazon.

Time clock account and employee pricing

For each employee who uses the fingerprint punch system, there will be an additional $0.50 charge per month.


  • Any Microsoft Windows based laptop computer, desktop computer or tablet
  • 1 free USB port for the scanner
  • Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 fingerprint scanner

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