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Here is a free and easy time card calculator. Simply enter your employee hours into the calculator and the total hours for payroll are automatically calculated. This calculator is free for you to use, it held eliminate human error.  Please share with anyone who needs to calculate time cards manually. If you ever want to stop doing manual time card calculations, please try a free trial with our online time clock. If you need help using this calculator, click here for instructions.

Step 1: Customize Dates...

From Date Thru Date Calc Overtime
from: thru: overtime:

Step 2: Add Employee Time & Breaks...

(ex 8:30 am)
(ex 5:00 am)
(0:30 or 0.50)
Mon 2/21 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:
Tue 2/22 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:
Wed 2/23 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:
Thu 2/24 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:
Fri 2/25 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:
Sat 2/26 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:
Sun 2/27 in time: out time: break: regular: overtime: total:

Step 3: Customize PDF / Export

Company Name Employee Name
Company Name: Employee Name:

Step 4: Save As PDF or Excel...

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How To Use The Calculator

Customizing your time card with OnTheClock Free Online Time Card Calculator will save you time because it’s so simple to use.

  1. Choose a start date and end date to match your pay period
  2. Select if you want the calculator to edit overtime
  3. Add time in, time out, and lunch break (if applicable) on each day that applies Monday - Sunday
  4. Save as PDF or Excel
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Methods Of Recording Employee Time

There are several way your employees can record worked hours. There are varying levels of efficiency and accuracy with any non-automated time tracking system. Here are the manual and automatic ways in which an employee can communicate worked hours or clock in / clock out times to the employer…

Method Who Calculates Hours Accuracy Efficiency
Wall Mounted Punch Clock Employer Medium Medium
Hand written clock in/out times Employer Low Low
Hand written hours Employee Low Low
Text or email in/out times Employer Low Low
Text or email hours worked Employee Low Low
Verbally communicate worked time Employee Medium-Low Low
Verbally communicate clock in/out times Employer Medium-Low Low
Digital Time Clock System Automatic High High

Methods Of Calculating Hours Worked

Manually calculating the difference between two times can be difficult. A simple example is when an employee starts work at 8:00 am and clocks out at 5:00 pm, the answer is 9 hours. This is easy to calculate because there are no minutes involved. Now we add minutes and things get trickier, if an employee starts work at 8:22 am then punches out at 4:55 pm, how is the calculated? Most people look at this and will try to add or subtract minutes and hours, however the math is not that simple. If you’re interested in learning how to manually calculate hours worked check out this article.

Using a time card calculator speeds things up and helps reduce errors. With a calculator, the employer will hand key in clock in and clock out times for each day in the pay period. If there is a lunch or break during the day, these times will also be entered. The worked hours will automatically be figured and a total hours for the pay period will be generated. While calculation errors are eliminated, there is still the possibly of human error while entering clock in/out times – up to 2%

Time Card Calculator

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