Free Timesheet Template & Time Card Template


OnTheClock has created 4 free time card (timesheet) templates.  We have Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF template formats for you to choose from.  These templates are free for you to download and use.  Please feel free to share this page and help other businesses.  These calculators are also Mac compatible. 

Timecard Templates - Microsoft Word Format

Here are 2 timesheet templates in the Microsoft Word format.  These templates are useful if you want to open the time card in Word, then add hours and print the timesheet.  You are free to modify the timesheet in any way needed and use it as your own.  The first file has clock in and clock out times, with no lunch.  The second file has clock in/out and a lunch break.  With these files, all times must be manually calculated, if you are looking for a time card calculator check out the time card calculators section below.  These formats also work on Mac computers and Pages.

Free Timesheet Time Card Template (MS Word Doc)

Free Timesheet Time Card With Lunch Template (MS Word Doc)


Timesheet Templates - PDF Format

Here we provide 2 PDF time card templates.  These 2 files can be filled in using a PDF editor such as Adobe or Foxit Reader or simply printed and filled in by hand.  Much like the Word templates, the first has clock in/out times only, the second has clock in/out and lunch in/out times.  Total hours and overtime must be manually calculated, look to the time card calculators section below if you need auto-calculation.


Free Timesheet Time Card Template (PDF) 

Free Timesheet Time Card With Lunch Template (PDF)


Time Card Calculators

The online timesheet calculator allows you to enter employee clock in/out times and lunches/breaks, then it auto calculates hours for you.  Giving you hours for payroll.  The Excel timesheet calculator is downloadable and allows entering in/out times and a break.  It also auto calculates employee hours for payroll.  Feel free to try each solution and decide which is best for you!  The excel time card calculator is Macintosh compatible as well, it will open in Mac Numbers and function correctly.

Online Timesheet Calculator

Excel Time Card Calculator


Convert Hours And Minutes To Decimal Hours

This is a useful tool to convert hours and minutes (e.g. 8 hours and 12 minutes) to decimal hours such as 8.2 hours.  It is much easier to add multiple days of hours using the decimal hours format, this is why most payroll professionals use decimal hours.  Here is the tool...

Convert Hours-Minutes to Decimal Hours