Paid Time Off Calculator

Here is a Free PTO calculator for you to use, it will calculate sick time off, holiday time off or any other type. We created this calculator to help small businesses determine where an employee is in the PTO cycle. Because we do not have the actual timecards of the employee, there are a few limitations.

To use this calculator

  1. “Start Date” and “End Date” - Generally this would be an entire year, but may be a partial year depending on your circumstances.
  2. “Previous Balance” - If there is a previous PTO balance, enter it into the calculator
  3. “Accrue” - Select an accrue amount, this is the amount of hours you want to accrue over a given cycle.“For Every” - Select the accrue cycle, the most common cycle is “hour worked”
  4.  If you choose hour worked, you will need to select the following
  5. “Hours Per Day” – this is the number of hours you want to accrue on for each worked day
  6. “Days Worked” – here you will select which days of the week to accrue on
  7. “Days Off” – you will enter the total number of days not worked here between the start and end dates
  8. “Max Hours” – if your policy caps hours for the PTO cycle, enter the hours here
  9. Click “Calculate PTO” and you will see the accrued hours


Due to the fact that we are not calculating PTO balances based on actual employee time cards, we are making the assumption that each day worked is exactly the amount you entered in the “Hours Per Day” field. In reality, most employees will work a bit more or less every day and this will skew the acxtual number.

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