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# Of Employees $ Per Employee
1 - 2 $0.00  (free)
3 - 10 $3.00
11 - 25 $2.95
26 - 50 $2.90
51 - 100 $2.85
101 - 200 $2.80
201 - 300 $2.75
301 - 400 $2.70
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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of creating was Success, not profit. This being said, we are very good at what we do. We built and run our product in house and have taken no capital from outside investors. Our about us page gives a little more insight into this.
An Active User is any employee listed or has been listed in your employee list within 20 day of the billing day. It is the responsibility of the Administrators and Mangers of the account to maintain your employee list by deleting employees when they no longer work for their company.
Let's say you have 12 employees listed in your account, your cost per employee will be $2.95 per month. So multiply 12 X $2.95 which gives you a total monthly cost of $29.40. We do not charge a monthly base fee or admin/manager fees.
You can cancel at anytime; is a no obligation service. If you cancel after the 14th day of the month, you will be charged for that month of service.
Add or remove as many employees as you need, your monthly fee will automatically adjust as needed. Deleted Employees need to be deleted for 20 days prior to billing not to count towards billing.
We charge $2 per month to use the SMS(Texting) System, and $0.01 per sent SMS message. A SMS message can be sent for various reasons including sending auto punch out notifications, punch reminders, scheduled reports or overtime alerts.
Unlike email which is basically free, the wireless carriers have decided to charge for every text message sent or received. Most consumer and business mobile plans include this in the monthly bill, so you never see it. So is required to setup a SMS gateway for each carrier and the carriers then charge us a fee for each SMS message.
We charge a small additional fee per employee when using a fingerprint reader, please see the finger print details page for more info
No we do not charge setup fees.
  • VISA, MasterCard and American Express
  • Monthly check draft
  • Annual invoice
A valid credit card is required to be on file for free accounts after the 30 day trial period. If you have less than 2 employees we will not charge your card. If however more than 2 employees are activated during the month, we will charge the card according to our standard pricing schedule.

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